Setup Camera

Samsung WiseNet SmartCam

The set-up is fairly simple for Samsung WiseNet SmartCam (Note: Instructions on the manual is not very clear):


Camera setup:


  • Go near to the wifi router to avoid any interference with connectivity.
  • Plug in your camera with micro USB power supply.
  • When the camera LED light flashes red press the WiFi button on the side way marked with wifi signal for 5 seconds.
  • Upon pressing wifi button on the camera for 5 seconds, the LED changes the light to yellow/green.

App Setup:

  • Download "WiseNet SmartCam+" App app store (Apple app store for IPad/IPhone or Google play store for Android phone/tablet). I used IPad to setup (this setup is a one-time activity).
  • Open the app and create an account (follow the username and password validations only alphanumeric).
  • Once you register click next and choose Wireless setup. Click next. Click home button, so that this app will go to background.
  • Go to settings (wifi settings) and choose "Direct-xxxx" as network and connect with wifi password as "smartcam".

             Note: xxxx is last 4 digit of you serial number.

  • Make sure you are connected to "Direct-xxxx" network. This will allow us to connect to camera's internal wifi n/w and set a password for our main wifi n/w and password.
  • Now click home button so that WIFI settings will go into the background. And open the WiseNet app.
  • WiseNet app will automatically display "Direct-xxx" in the list. Select and click next.
  • App will list all the wifi networks. At this point in time select your home wifi network (NOT DIRECT-xxxx) and enter your home password. And wait for 3 minutes maximum.
  • Keep an eye on the security camera to start blinking with blue and one successful connection, it will turn to constant blue and finally back to green. Now the app will say it's connected.
  • Once it is connected it will ask you to give a name to your camera and create a password (so that now you can add many cameras to your app)